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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 23, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> they certainly are, andy. margaret, bill, chris, paul, lovely show. >> thanks for having us. >> it was great having you. administration's new corporate tax plan. and those of the republican challengers. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. this year, as in every election year, taxes will be an issue, perhaps a big issue. today, the obama administration did its best to get in front of the subject by outlining what it characterizes as a pro-business and fair overhaul of corporate taxes. chief national correspondent jim angle reports the president will have plenty of company on the reform bandwagon. >> reporter: with americans now working on the tax returns, the president and the republican candidates are starting to talk in detale
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about how they changed the tax laws. >> i'm going to lower rates across the board for all americans by 20%. all right? [ applause ] >> reporter: romney argued lower tax rates give people more money to spend but also helped small businesses, which create most of the new jobs and often pay taxes at the individual rate. >> do you know how many people in america work in companies that are taxed at the individual rate, not corporate rate? how about 65%. >> reporter: president obama would end the tax cut for families making more than $250,000 a year, which celtics argue would hit some small businesses. romney took care to say his reforms would not increase the deficit that he would pay for lower rates reducing deductions claimed by wealthier americans among other things. later this week, romney will propose reducing the corporate tax rate from 35 to 25%. the obama administration unveiled a similar proposal today. just yesterday the white house said the tax plan wouldn't be announced for some time. then the announcement was moved up to this morning. apparently an effort to get a
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jump on romney. the president will also call for reduction in the corporate rate from 35 to 28%. along with the reduction in the overall rate however is a minimum tax on any income earned overseas. >> takes away the incentive for companies to relocate overseas and reverses that. >> one analyst says discouraging american companies working overseas will slow economic growth. >> their view is the more you do outside the u.s., the less you do here. my view is quite the opposite. companies that grow abroad, grow domestically as well. >> some 40% of profits for large firms come from overseas. 8% of the purchasing power is outside the u.s.. that provision could have an impact. the obama plan promises to be revenue neutral eliminating many tax deductions and credits including those for oil and gas companies as well as planned tax increases on the wealthy. rick santorum would extend all the bush tax cut for
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individuals and cut the corporate rate to 17.5%. while eliminating the tax on manufacturerrers. newt gingrich would offer a flat tax option at 15% tax rate. he would cut the corporate taxes to 12.5%. analysts say both santorum and gingrich plan would add to deficit. ron paul would corporate rate for 15% and extend tax cut for individuals to replace the current incomes taxes with a flat tax. everyone has a plan and all claim theirs will do more to create jobs and make the economy grow than the others. now, the voters have to decide. bret? >> bret: thank you, jim. more on this with the panel. we're inside a week until the next voting in the g.o.p. primaries. that will be in michigan and arizona next tuesday. tonight the republican final four will debate in mesa. correspondent alicia acuna is there to tell us where the candidates stand going in. >> more jobs, less debt, smaller government. we have to get that job done, guys if we want to get
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americans back to work and fulfill the american promise. >> reporter: riding in the red state, romney met with good news on the temperature of the arizona g.o.p. a new marist poll out today of likely republican voters shows romney holding a 16-point lead over santorum. significant here, it includes early and absentee voters. the real clear politics average of arizona polls show romney's lead as half that. nationally an a.p. poll shows a tighter race between the two. the rcp average gives santorum a wider lead. when each is matched against the president, obama trounces them all. santorum is on the defensive over blow-back from past comments. first, a 2008 speech in which he said satan had his sights on the united states. santorum making no apologies. >> no relevant to what -- >> reporter: this is as his campaign issued denial after the huffington post dug up a statement made by santorum in
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his 1990 run for congress in which he is quoted saying he thought it was very difficult to criminalize abortion. a top advisor telling the "washington post" he never held a pro-choice position. ron paul has been doing little campaigning but did hold two close fundraisers in mesa, arizona, today. the gingrich camp released a 30-minute video talking to the nation about the energy economy and how it relates to jobs. >> i'm newt gingrich. i want to report to you that if we unleash the american people, we can be at the beginning of an extraordinary era where we rebuild america we love. >> the campaign purchased ad time in washington state ahead of the contest march 3. unlike other states so far, including michigan, what viewers in arizona are seeing on their tvs is this -- the reason for the lack of tv ad buys in arizona, the campaigns feel there is more to gain in michigan, versus a winner take all primary here. bret? >> bret: alicia, thanks.
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hopefully, they're not getting snow right now. they are seeing the tv. the fighting in syria overseas hit close to home to people in our business today. with the death of two journalists in the city of homs. the pressure is mounting on u.s. leaders to do something about the carnage. senior white house correspondent wendell goler reports on the prospect of arming the opposition forces. >> a day after warning the u.s. might have to consider arming syria's rebels a state department spokesman blasted russia for arming syria's government. >> we have been vocal saying we need to add, because you know, given what is happening to the syrian population, innocent civilians, how anyone can supply the regime with arms is beyond us. >> but for arizona republican senator john mccain, talk is cheap. >> to somehow sit by and watch this massacre continue, without exploring and employing every option we can to stop is it a betrayal of
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everything the united states stands for and believes in. >> mccain says the u.s. could work through turkey or the arab league, but the arab league is wide toed itself over arming syria's many opposition groups and one of the groups is al-qaeda, which the u.s. could never support. turkey may show how far it's willing to go on friday when secretary of state clinton joins officials from 70 nations at a friends of syria conference in tunis, but experts say there are geographic reasons not expect the libya style intervention. syria has four times the population of libya on a tenth the land space. the fighting is largely urban. meaning air power would be less effective against syrian tanks and more likely to cause civilian casualties. one of the latest casualties is correspondent marie colbin who was killed when shell hit the house today. he is appeared on sol ver war "war stories" and worked for 25 years for sunday times of london owned by the parent company news corp. chairman rupert murdock said
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in eto staff "she was driven by determination misdeed of tyrant and suffering of victims did not go unreported." jay carney called it reminder of the rifts they take and more. >> it's a reminder, too victims are many. and overwhelmingly in this case they are innocent syrian civilians. >> reporter: officials here can't say where will the syria targeted the journalists but one official called syria's request today that all foreign journalist register with the government the height of hypocrisy. bret? >> bret: wendell goler live at the state department. thank you. somalis are taking part in operation to fight piracy in and near their country. fox news recently went along with the maritime police force in an overfly of pirate flotillas and land bases. unit also conducts operations on the ground. it was set up with the help to united arab emirates.
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member of the house is allegedly not keeping up his own family's house later in the grapevine. here is tonight's infinity sponsored text to vote question. should the u.s. arm syrian rebels? text sr1 to 36288 for yes. text sr2 for no. we'll bring you the results at the end of tonight's show. p@?ñó
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>> bret: the price of gasoline is up another penny tonight. the national average is now $3.58 a gallon. that is six cents higher than this time last week. crude oil was up just 3 cents to close at $106.28 a barrel. we expect to hear president obama's ideas on what to do about all of this thursday. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells
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us what he is hearing right now. >> reporter: since december alone, gas prices have soared an average of 31 cents per gallon nationwide. today, president obama's aides tried to deflect blame. >> if you are suggesting there is a responsibility for a rise in the global price of oil, it's certainly not because of anything he habit done to expand domestic oil and gas production. >> production is up, white house aides acknowledge the green light for some of that drilling came from former president george w. bush. it has not stopped the dramatickize in gas prices -- dramatic rise in gas prices. now a threat to president because he may counter good news from the stock market. >> $40 extra in the paycheck. >> reporter: republicans note his victory on the payroll tax cut could be erase by consumers spending extra money at the pump. >> i got to get to work. i can't pay the mortgage with the money i am paying for gas.
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it has dramatic effect on the u.s. economy. >> reporter: what republicans are not mentioning is gal was also high on mr. bush's watch four years ago this month, when the average was $3.03 a gallon. only about 50 cents lower than now. the problem for mr. obama is he made lofty promises in 2008. >> i think in ten years we can reduce our dependence so we no longer have to import oil from the middle east or venezuela. >> reporter: still far from the reality, president will make the case on energy speech on thursday he making progress. in 2008, 57% of the crude oil and petroleum products used by americans were imported. it's decreased every year mr. obama has been in office. down to 45% at the end of last year. the president got there for increasing drilling, something he mocked john mccain for pushing four years ago. >> it's not a strategy desig
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designed to end the energy crisis. it's a strategy to get politicians through election. >> reporter: now he is facing another election and rolling out the new strategy tomorrow but it is mostly old ideas, ending tax break for oil and gas companies. it may score points but the administration officials admit it will provide very little relief at the pump. >> bret: thank you. greek lawmakers are scrambling to approve series of emergency laws to further cut incomes and spending. they're part of the debt relief packages approved by the euro zone government and private creditors. more demonstrations were held today in greece against those austerity measures. here at home, stocks were down. the dow lost 27. s&p 500 was off 4-1/2. the nasdaq dropped 15. the man accused of attempting a suicide attack against the u.s. capitol building was in court today. he waived his right to preliminary and detention hearings and ordered held pending indictment. he initially wanted to bomb a
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building, housing military offices. a recent congressional report says there has been dramatic rise in domestic plot against military targets. three congressional offices as well as those as some media organizations received threatening letters cone taining warnings that more -- containing warnings more are coming and some could contain what is called a lethal pathogen. it bore return address from m.i.b. and postmarked portland, oregon. fox news headquarters received letter from portland address. we secured the letter and called the new york police who advised us the letter appeared to be harmless. the nation's top homeland security official spending time trying to learn more about why parts of the border with mexico are so hard to secure. correspondent steve harrigan tells us what he i she found. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano traveled to
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texas-mexico boarder in speedboats and helicopters. for a firsthand look at why illegal border crossings here have not declined as they have in parts of arizona. >> this is very different. you've got different brush, you have the river. the river loops in and out. you've got different road structures. you a lot more places to hide. that means that some of the things that we can use in arizona where there is a lot of empty space doesn't work so well here. we have to use different technology here. we have to make sure we have enough boots on the ground. >> rats in the water. rats in the water. >> in some part of texas border agent have less than a one-minute window to capture drug smugglers before they reach stash houses or scuddle ship in the the rio grande. the department faces criticism from local mayors who say commerce is hurt. by a log jam at entry points. >> it's $1 billion of business along the ports of industry. if you don't invest in them, if you don't equipment, if you
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don't bring them up to date you are becoming efficient. inefficiency drives business away to some other areas. >> the cartel know the pressure to get perishable goods across the border fast. hiding cocaine inside watermelons or cabbages is a favorite technique. another technique used by the cartel, 70 times in the past two years, throwing these nail spikes, in the high-speed chases to pop agents' tires. it's a question whether the billion dollar highly organized cartel and the fight to control the border will stop at such a primitive weapon which has been used throughout history against horses, camels and elephants. in mcallen, texas, steve harrigan, fox news. >> bret: still ahead, what voters in michigan are saying ahead of next week's big primary election. but first, the deadly response to news that americans burned muslim religious materials at a u.s. military base in afghanistan.
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>> bret: afghanistan's president is appealing for calm in the wake of deadly rioting that left at least seven people dead so far. the protests over what happened to muslim holy books at the u.s. military base. correspondent connor powell reports we now know more about why the materials were destro destroyed. >> for the second day in a row, anger turns to violence. as thousands of protesters took to the streets after the u.s. military admitted mistakenly burned copies of the quran, armed with molotov cocktails, the protesters attacked nato vehicles embattled afghan security forces. the demonstrations forced the u.s. embassy to lock down its staff.
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in an effort to contain damage, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan issued apology. >> i assure you, i promise you this was not intentional in any way and i offer sincere apologies for any offense it may have caused. >> military officials tell fox news u.s. troops removed the quran from a military detention center. after detainees were found writing on the pages of the books and using them to pass extremist messages. they were ordered to destroyed the holy books based on concern the messages could have incited violence. they offered new directive for all u.s. troop handling religious materials. u.s. officials spend the past 24 hours apologizing to afghan officials. stressing this was a one-time mistake. >> this is one incident. it was regrettable. we apologized for it. we're taking actions to ensure it never happens again.
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>> after ten years of war here, anti-american sentiments is growing with many afghans believing u.s. troops don't respect their religion or their culture. for them, the incident is further proof no matter what officials say. in kabul, connor powell, fox news. >> the u.n. nuclear agency admitting defeat in the latest effort to lift the veil on iranian security program. jennifer griffin reports the current nuclear effort by iran may not have been the first. >> a week after iran's president brazenly showed off advances in iran nuclear program, a team of u.n. nuclear inspectors ended a two-day visit empty handed. >> we are also trying to get access to a site. it's relevant for our investigation. we could not get access. we have could not finalize way forward. >> a new report released by the prestigious washington based institute for science and international security
1:25 am
provides evidence that iran may have had a parallel military nuclear program in the 1990s. former u.n. weapons inspector david albright obtained 160 teleexmessages between the iran physics research center and the overseas suppliers. >> the information, the telex supports the iran that iran came in the late 1980s created a set of institutions whose goal was to create a parallel secret military. nuclear fuel cycle. >> the research center shown here in 2003 was raised later shortly after the u.s. invaded iraq. the current nuclear facility in iran include a site that was revealed in 2009 by western intelligence agencies and may have been part of this parallel program. >> we want to say we're not in
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pursuit of nuclear weapons. >> the supreme leader of iran told the country prepare to address the sanctions. he added i pray for you. the treatment of the inspector shows it has not changed its behavior. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. >> a christian pastor in iran has reportedly been sentenced to death for converting from islam. supporters fear he could be executed at any time. members of congress, secretary of state hillary clinton and leaders in several western nations called for his relief. the wife of former british prime minister denn tony blair s suing rupert murdock's corporation over phone hacking. sherry blair is one of the highest profile people to take action over the scandal. apparently you don't have to be a good neighbor to be a member of congress.
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we'll explain in the grapevine. be sure to get in on tonight's infinity sponsored text to vote question. that is: should the us arm syrian rebels? text sr1 to 36288 for yes and 36288 fo
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>> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. dilapidated house in detroit owned by the family of
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michigan democratic congressman john conyers is causing problems for a neighbor. he is claims her homeowners insurance premium jumped 300% to $7,000 because the abandoned prompt next door is considered a fire risk. congressman conyers told a local reporter he will help the woman but seemed vague on details. >> i've been talking to her. >> $7,000. he is said you didn't return the call. >> well, i haven't called her today. no. >> you promise to tomorrow? >> well, i don't know. i got her number. i want to help. i'm not trying to hurt her. i don't even know who sh she is. >> we reached out the conyers office and has not heard back. the district of columbia council vowed to clean up the language. council chairman kwame brown pushed through a resolution banning members from using profanity in public meetings. this came after councilmembers marion barry and david katania
1:32 am
got in a profanity laced verbal brawl in a retreat. catania says he is fed up with the constant scandals involving the colleagues. he said it's fascinating we don't have a code of con -- we have a code of conduct on language when the body was silent when a member admitted stealing from the city. finally -- the u.n. watchdog calls chavez seeking a seat an outrage considering his jailing of critics. and support for syrian president bashar assad. last year, syria sought a seat on the u.n. committee after libya was booted for attacking demonstrators. as we told you earlier, arizona and michigan hold the presidential primary elections next week. tonight we'll focus on what correspondent steve brown is hearing from voters in mitt romney's native state. >> i need your help on the 28th of february. get out and vote.
1:33 am
>> it's now mitt romney who is seeking a bail-out in michigan. leading by double digits earlier in month, now the real clear politics average has the g.o.p. primary a neck in neck race thanks in large part to a social conservative surge of support for rick santorum. >> we have a strong social conservative group in our party, that those are values that are important to us. they're values that they measure one from. >> measure to me, is not as conservative. i think that he is closer to obama than what santorum is. >> while santorum and romney both oppose the use of federal cash to bail out g.m. and chrysler, the son of an auto company president found it necessary to reinforce his roots. >> i love the auto industry, by the way. i know you do at eagle you do manufacturing for the auto industry as well. i'm delighted to see it's coming back. >> i grew up in michigan. >> when it comes to michigan tv ads, romney rules the airwaves. just in february, the campaign plus the pro-romney super pac
1:34 am
pumped over $4 million in ads. santorum and the pro-santorum super pac, $1.4 million. including this new spot comparing romney to president obama. >> even worse, romney care is the blueprint for obamacare. >> romney may have an edge in absentee ballots. a key supporter claims romney banked over half of the 150,000 plus absentees turned in so far. many cast before santorum's michigan surge. >> rick santorum wasn't on really on the radar at that point. so, i might have changed my mind if when voting today. >> clearly the political landscape changed in michigan. with it, some of the expectations of the romney folks. >> look, if romney loses, it will be a hit for him. it's not devastating. it's not going to end the campaign. >> romney knows conservative alternative candidate like santorum can win here. in 2008, romney himself won running as the conservative alternative to the eventual nominee john mccain.
1:35 am
in lansing, steve brown, fox news. >> bret: federal judge in tacoma, washington, says pharmacies in that state cannot be required to carry emergency contraceptives, such as the plan "b" drug. two farmists success -- pharmacists successfully argued state law mandating the drugs be stocked infringed on their religious belief. we'll discuss the president new corporate tax plan and the plan of his potential republican challengers when the fox all-stars join me after a quick time-out. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money. now meet jack. enough to enjoy retirement.saved angie, the waitress at jack's favorite diner, is also enjoying his retirement. with just a little information, she's opened up a credit line, draining the equity in jack's home. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little
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fair amount of consensus that simplifying the corporate tax code is a good idea, broadening the base and lowering the rate is a good idea. president has put forward a proposal, that does that. and we hope that conversation continues. and that we can produce a result for the american people and for american businesses that will have, will create result of lower tax rate.
1:39 am
for american businesses and that will make them more competitive, broader base to ensure that this reform doesn't add a dime to the deficit. >> bret: well, here is a look at the obama plan. laid out by the treasury secretary, reduce reduced the corporate tax rate to 28% to 35%. manufacturers would be 25%. closed loophole. that is a wide range. part of that is minimum tax on any income earned overseas. the reaction has been quit. critics have been wowed. take a listen. >> this plan has been on the shelf in the treasury department for months. that is not a rumor. secretary geithner said that himself on the hill last year. if you have a proposal that you think will strengthen the u.s. economy, you might hold it back for a day or two, as you watch the news cycle. but to sit on it for months, while the economy continues its anemic growth, while
1:40 am
congress holds hearing after hearing on corporate tax reform, to me that doesn't make any sense at all. >> bret: well, it does make sense if you are talking politically ahead of mitt romney's release of a plan. friday to the detroit economic club he is talking about it already. his plan would reduce the tax rate to 25%. take a look at the other candidates. rick santorum, corporate tax rate to 17.5%. 0% for manufacturers. newt gingrich's plan to 12.5%. write off all capital investment immediately. and ron paul plan reduce corporate tax rate to 15% pushing for a flat tax. let's talk about this, politics and policy and bring in the panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." liz marlantes for christian science monitor. juan williams, columnist with hill. juan, what do you think? >> there is a clear ideological divide evident to plans floating around. we have president's plan and romney's plan coming thursday
1:41 am
in michigan. what you see is the republican saying if this is about simplifying the tax code we're for it. that is what we want to do. we believe in simplification. when they look at the obama plan, what do they say? this is going to increase the amount of revenue coming from corporate america in to the u.s. government. in that sense, they say this could be just veil for increase taxation and they don't want any part of it. >> bret: liz, a lot of politics in play, obviously. >> a lot of politics, obviously. in response to the sound bite you played a minute ago, to some extent it's a cynical exercise to release corporate tax plan on the same day as your likely republican opponent. but on the other hand tax reform is not going to happen. everybody knows that. there is absolutely no chance. >> bret: up on capitol hill. >> it is not going to happen. it is just not going to happen. we have saw this with the debt ceiling debate. fight over taxes is about as entrenched and as difficult as
1:42 am
anything that congress could try to do. it's simply not going to happen. so the question is it worth still putting some pul bullet points as they were called today, americas to sketch out a vision and say where you think the country should be going? i think to that extent, that is what the obama campaign was doing today. i think their message -- >> bret: obama white house, though it wasn't really the campaign. >> i was going to say they are honing a clear message. what they did fits in with the message well. it's all about making the system fairer. getting rid of inequities and getting rid of breaks for companies that shouldn't be getting them. making them pay the rate they should be paying. >> bret: on that point, national chamber of commerce said they are ready and willing to work with the administration but disappointed that the white house proposal does not attack a territorial tax system to put an end to the double taxation of profits earned by u.s. companies overseas. we'll be forced to vigorously
1:43 am
oppose pay-for that pit one industry against another or lavish favors on some while punishing others. that gets to the heart of this minimum tax on any income earned overseas. >> that is a point of departure between the romney plan and obama plan. if you look at the number of developed countries that tax the way the obama administration is proposing, it's a smart number. this would make the united states less competitive overseas is a good argument. come belling argument you talk about companies that want to do everything they can to shelter money being taxed and taxed twice. because it's already taxed in those areas. jay carney, i disagree with what he said at the beginning of the segment. this doesn't simplify the corporate tax code. he is right. that is what -- there is a general agreement. broad agreement that simplifying the tax code is desirable. this doesn't do that. this punishs groups that for
1:44 am
the present industry that the presidents doesn't like, oil anden if and it gives benefit to or tax breaks to groups that industries that the president likes. like green energy and manufacturing or that the president will be able to use in campaign speeches. that is what this is. >> bret: what about that? some 40% of profits from large firms come from overseas. 80% of the world's purchasing power is outside the u.s. that little provision alone could slow growth in the u.s. >> no. the idea is that you are focusing on job creation. and encouraging manufacturing in the united states. so it's intended to spur that kind of growth in the united states. it's very clear that when you look at the overall package, i think that, you know, the notion of fairness is not lost on anyone. if you look at the reality, we have a statutory tax rate i believe is the second highest in the world for the japanese. but in effect, once you throw
1:45 am
in a loophole, deduction, goodness gracious, companies like g.r. infamous for not paying any taxes. not g.e., you could talk about boeing or google. the reality is once you throw this deduction and loophole you come down to the average u.s. company paying just slightly more than half of what the competitors are paying globally. that is not the issue. >> bret: in fact, the u.s. had the highest corporate tax rate of any of the 34 industrialized nations. the plan, the proposal would move the u.s. to number 32. i guess people at home say why can't the tax reform get done? why doesn't washington work so somehow, some way, it gets done? >> it's so hard. >> bret: simpson-bowles got it done. >> there is a lot of things you can trade. one of the reasons that the tax issue has become so entrenched is the famous grover norquist pledge.
1:46 am
it played a role on the tax fight. that many, many republicans pledged not to increase taxes under any circumstances. you used to have, the last time tax reform happened is under reagan. that was the days when you had democrats who wanted to raise taxes and republicans didn't. but they would find ways to meet a little bit in the middle. you just don't have that anymore. it just is like a barrier that can't be breached. >> bret: isn't there attention, steve, hope that some way, somehow through the election process, somebody takes the football and starts running. and gets congress to follow. >> bret: yeah. one would hope. >> i think the republicans were late to the tax reform game. this was herman cain's 9-9-9 plan that introduced the subject in the republican primary. they were late. proposals were late. in some cases they haven't been as bold as they could be. thank goodness they're taking
1:47 am
the tax pledge. if they weren't, taxes would be higher than they are now. >> bret: don't miss rick santorum who joins gretzky tonight "on -- joins greta tonight on "on the record" after the debate. next up, should they arm syrian rebels? that's also the text to vote question. we'll be right what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lie onne of those." we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. wow! that feels really good. it's about support where you find it most comfortable. hurry to the final days of the ultimate sleep number event, where queen mattresses now start at just $599.
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and save 50% on the final closeout of our innovative limited edition bed. only at the sleep number store.
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>>ret: this is aox news alert. jury found former university of virginia lacrosse player george hugley v guilty of second-degree murder in the beating death of his ex-girlfriend, the 24-year-old defendant could be sentenced to life in prison for the killing of yeardley love. we will go live to the
1:51 am
courthouse in a minute. we can tell you that the jury deliberated for nine hours before announcing they reached this verdict. again, george huguely accused in smashing his girlfriend's bedroom door, beating her head against a wall and leaving her to die. he was charged with first degree murder, felony murder, statutory burglary and grand larceny. the first degree murder would have carried possible life sentence. now the jurors found the former university of lacrosse player guilty of second degree murder in his ex's slaying. we have been following this on fox news channel. doug mckelway was in the courtroom waiting for the jury. we're waiting for him to appear live. this, a lot of coverage in this area, in the virginia, washington, d.c., area on this case.
1:52 am
and shepard smith covered it on studio b. there we see a live shot from charlottesville, and the courthouse there. again, the jury finding deliberating for nine hours. before reaching this verdict. the verdict again, second degree murder for george huguely. this case was very emotional. a lot of testimony. there was back and forth about whether it was premeditated. that he planned to go and beat his girlfriend's head in. there was testimony about e-mails. and exchanges. let's go live to charlottesville. doug mckelway just out of the courthouse. doug? >> reporter: yeah, bret, i have not heard exactly what you have said thus far but guilty of second-degree murder. guilty of grand larceny. acquited on the first degree murder charge. acquited on felony murder
1:53 am
charge. and also, not guilty on robbery of a residence, not guilty of burglary. there you have it. the sentencing phase will begin virtually immediately. the jury wants to get to work. we understand they will be back in session tonight for sentencing phase rate. they be hearing testimony in regard to the character of george huguely. as the verdict was read tonight, there was absolute silence in the courthouse. it heard not a peep from anybody in that room. the judge, of course, admonished all the attendees not to make any sounds at all. and none did. from neither family. i did see one party in the huguely side of the courthouse break down in tears but that was it. absolute silence. george was stone faced no reaction from him as verdict were read. >> bret: doug, we talked a little bit and i just mentioned about some of the emotional testimony in this. and the facts of this case. the question about whether it
1:54 am
was premedicated or not. the fact that they have come back with second degree murder, what does it tell us about how this case went down? and are prosecutors disappointed with the verdict? >> we'll hear from the prosecutors momentarily. i'm told jury will get instructions for sentencing later on, correct? right now. they're getting instructions for sentencing right now. too early to say. i think this is a mixed verdict in some sense. but still george huguely is likely eligible if for lifetime in prison. it will be the judge who ultimately makes the decision, entering the sentencing phase of the trial. they will make recommendation for judge, but it's not their final say-so. it's the judge's final say-so. he has some months to make the decision because he can factor in the equation lots of character issues, previous criminal historys of george
1:55 am
huguely which he has. he was arrested for underage drinking previous in his life. another incident in nearby lexington, virginia, where he was arrested by a police officer for being drunk in public. that female police officer tried to get him to stop. he would not. he was yelling obscenities at her. he is ultimately tased him before he was taken to arrest. he has a criminal history in that regard. it's during the sentencing fades we will hear from lots of family members, a lot of coaches, fellow students about his character. >> bret: doug mckelway live in charlottesville. doug, thank you. we have not covered that story here on "special report." but here on fox news channel we have covered it extensively. i wanted to bring you the breaking news. and get you the latest on that. and not deal with our panel on syria. we'll obviously be talking about that down the road. we'll be back with text poll results for our question tonight after this break. j nhñ xç@÷ 0@h@
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>> bret: time now to reveal our infinity sponsored text to vote results. we asked you should the u.s. arm syrian rebels? 38% of you said yes. 62 berls of you said no. this is a back and forth that's been going on. should the administration do something and arm these rebels? thanks for your votes tonight. we had over more than 6,000 of them. it's an issue that will not be going away any time soon with all of the carnage in syria that continues. two journalists dying just over the past day on the ground in syria. talking about the debate tonight, don't miss former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. he will be joining greta van susteren "on the record" tonight immediately after tonight's debate there will be analysis of a big debate tonight on greta's show. you don't want to miss that. we will be covering all of the politics here on "special report" as we get ready for nextue


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